Mailbox Rentals in Glendale Arizona

Mailbox Rentals Safe, Secure, and Private.

Postal And More has mailboxes in three different sizes available for rental on 3, 6 and 12 month plans.

Why would you want to rent a mailbox?

  • It’s Not a PO box. – This means you can receive mail and packages even from couriers who won’t deliver to PO boxes.

  • Security – Since your mailbox is located inside our store, you get the added benefits of our store’s security in addition to the secure boxes.

    Since we can forward or hold your mail at our store, there are no overflowing mailboxes when you leave on a trip, increasing your home security as well!

  • Versatility – Not only can you get mail forwarding and holding services, our mailboxes allow for the acceptance of packages from all couriers with privacy and confidentiality. Use it for personal mail, a business, or both!